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Post: Janet Zweig's "Pedestrian Drama."
I never stopped long enough to see what was actually flipping through. I usually am just starting my morning jog or sprinting home at that point. Thanks for capturing it.
Post: Store Spotlight: Wheel & Sprocket
Thanks Erin! Wheel & Sprocket definitely wins in my book for the areas best all around cycling outfitter. They are the most reasonable all around...pricing, rides, general knowledge and experience. Hales Corners and North Shore have treated me quite well, but I have yet to stop in the Delafield location. Guess I'll have to plan a route in that direction. Brookfield tends to be a bit pricier, but I'll occasionally stop in there when I'm at REI or Walter's Swim Shop out there. As simple as it may be, I simply love the water and GU Brew they make available for cyclists and runners stopping in. I purposely plan my routes to incorporate a stop at NS W&S.
Post: Frozen Delights
Yo Mama! Frozen Yogurt blows all custard, gelato, ice cream, and yogurt out of the water! No need to go to any other place. They need to franchise out. If they do, these other places better watch out. They can't compete with the flavor, nutritional value, and price combined.
Post: Image of the Day, July 13
I like how the little girl in the pink dress noticed her picture was being taken. I bet she said "cheeeese!"
Post: The Harp Irish Pub
On trusty Yelp! Harp isn't even listed in the "top of the worst." This is It!, Whiskey Bar, Fanatics, Karma, and Buckhead all sport 3 stars, two of which I frequent and consider favorites in the city. If "the youth" is truly making decisions of where to spend their time and money solely off of internet reviews, maybe just let them, and they'll keep their 21st birthday celebrations and puke filled bathrooms away from our favs. Just sayin'.
Post: Mekong Café
AND it's today's insideDEALS offer! :) http://www.insidemilwaukee.com/insidedeals
OMG. I LOVE this picture! Even the baby is attempting Cobra. Was this a Bikram event I missed on the river? It had to of been taken in the Summer. Is there another Bikram studio in Milwaukee besides the one on Humboldt? Frankly, their prices are pretty high. When I lived in NYC, there was a franchise called Yoga To The People that offered Bikram classes (as well as other yoga formats between 3 studios in the city) for a fraction of the price. I believe the franchise started in San Fran. Any investors out there want to bring it to MKE? That would be AMAZING! Look it up www.yogatothepeople.com.
Post: Karma Bar
As I said on MilwaukeeMagazine.com, Karma is GREAT! :)