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Scholars' Row
Once a collegiate free-for-all, the neighborhoods around UWM are growing up.  
Insider  | Kristine Hansen  | 7/1/2014
Milwaukee Is One of the Most Exciting Cities
Yes, this is real. A real estate blog puts Milwaukee as the 7th most exciting city in America.  
The Daily Mil  | Abby Callard  | 5/2/2013
Best Places to Live
From Lac La Belle to Washington Heights, featuring lakefront mansions to fixer-uppers, 20 neighborhoods stand at the vanguard of a resurgent housing market.  
Feature Story  | Abby Callard  | 4/1/2013
The Hangover
How lowball appraisals are wrecking sales in neighborhoods just rebounding from the housing slump.  
Insider  | Kristine Hansen  | 1/21/2013
Trading Post
Can’t sell your house? Have we got a deal for you.  
Insider  | Kristine Hansen  | 9/6/2012
Pro Tips
Real estate experts spill the beans on what they’re buying in a buyer’s market.  
Insider  | Milwaukee Magazine Staff  | 8/19/2012