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Music Video: WebsterX “Blue Dream”
Budding rapper bathes in brooding new VHS video  
Music Notes  | Tyler Maas  | 2/6/2014
Chamber Music – with Horns?
The Prometheus Trio gets adventurous with the MSO's Matthew Annin.  
Culture Club  | Paul Kosidowski  | 12/13/2013
Old School
They don’t make ‘em like Bill Faust anymore. Two hours with the late drum technician whose 70-year-old store in Bay View was both a Mecca and a labyrinth of ... unexpected challenges.  
Web Feature  | Matt Hrodey  | 10/24/2013
The Friday Five for Oct. 4
Real and fantastical horrors abound.  
Culture Club  | Paul Kosidowski  | 10/3/2013
The Friday Five for Sept. 20
Ragtime, gospel, The Detective's Wife and Beethoven by way of Bollywood.  
Culture Club  | Paul Kosidowski  | 9/20/2013
A World of Sounds
Present Music's Rapturous "Inuksuit."  
Culture Club  | Paul Kosidowski  | 9/9/2013
Opera 101 at Hotel Foster
Skylight Music Theatre offers a beginner's guide to the art form.  
Girl About Town  | Jenna Kashou  | 9/3/2013
Wicked Style
The Fashionista styles the traveling cast of this Broadway hit.  
The Fashionista  | Lynee Ruiz  | 7/8/2013
This Week Not in Summerfest
Need a break from the crowds? Here are some great alternatives for week two of the Big Gig.  
Music Notes  | Joe Guszkowski  | 7/1/2013
Change of Tune
Milwaukee has its go-tos for free outdoor music in the summer months. But look beyond the staples, and lesser-known but equally fantastic options emerge.  
Feature Story  | Abby Callard  | 5/31/2013