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Missing the Forest for the Trees
Despite game performers, "Into the Woods" suffers from cinematic ash borer.  
Moviegoers  | Tom Fuchs  | 12/29/2014
American (Horror) Movie
An interview with Manny Marquez, director of the MFF14 documentary Psychopath.  
Moviegoers  | Tom Fuchs  | 10/3/2014
Morning Links for June 30, 2014
Transformers owns the box office, Jason Kidd might coach the Bucks, and much more.  
The Daily Mil  | Dan Shafer  | 6/30/2014
On the Marquee for the Week of July 8
The Oriental and the Times lead the charge in local film scene events this week.  
Moviegoers  | Mack Bates  | 7/8/2013
On the Marquee for the week of June 17, 2013
A fantastic local film festival and one of the best animated films ever made highlight this week’s offerings.  
Moviegoers  | Tom Fuchs  | 6/17/2013
On the Marquee for June 3, 2013
Tom wonders why it always has to be snakes in this week’s cream of the crop.  
Moviegoers  | Tom Fuchs  | 6/3/2013
This Week's Marquee
A drive-in triple feature is the highlight of this week’s moviegoing experiences.  
Moviegoers  | Tom Fuchs  | 5/20/2013
No Is a Film Worth Saying Yes To
How style worked in tandem with substance to overthrow a dictatorship  
Moviegoers  | Tom Fuchs  | 3/29/2013
Milwaukee Movie Happenings
Here are the recommendations for moviegoers for March 25  
Moviegoers  | Tom Fuchs  | 3/25/2013
Stoker Proves a Brilliant Stateside Transition for Park
If you don’t mind a little spice in your cinematic diet, Park's "Stoker" is a must-see  
Moviegoers  | Tom Fuchs  | 3/22/2013