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Fashion for the Studious
Two new exhibits for garment-lovers whose adoration goes beyond the superficial.  
Style  | Claire Hanan  | 10/29/2013
Cut Lines for Oct. 11, 2013
Next week's fashion festivities, Mount Mary's fashion tradition and the relationship between designers and critics.  
Style  | Claire Hanan  | 10/11/2013
Mount Mary's 2013 CREO Fashion Show
Held at the Harley-Davidson Museum, the show featured a few surprises and some sweet leather looks.  
Style  | Claire Hanan  | 5/13/2013
Best In Show!
Evoke Style with Mount Mary College  
Fashion Farm Boy  | Bjorn Nasett  | 5/30/2012
Her "Last Ride," for now
A Q&A with designer Jessica Schroeder  
The Fashionista  | Lynee Ruiz  | 5/24/2012
Preview: Mount Mary Student Fashion Show
A behind-the-scenes look as the students prepare for the show  
Style  | Claire Hanan  | 5/30/2012