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Public Access & Lonely Souls in Milwaukee
Getting to know emerging local filmmaker Michael Viers (“From the Darkness Theatre” and “Love You Still”).  
Moviegoers  | Mack Bates  | 2/14/2014
Introducing "The Milwaukee Show"
A preview of this year's festival line-up of the best new work in short film from local filmmakers.  
Moviegoers  | Mack Bates  | 10/3/2013
Amazon Facilities Beset With Complaints
High turnover and heat are the lot of warehouses.  
The Daily Mil  | Matt Hrodey  | 9/18/2013
Mind The Gap
Employers say they can’t find enough highly skilled workers. But other factions say that’s just a convenient cop out to cover other job-related shortcomings. Can both sides be right?  
Feature Story  | Erik Gunn  | 8/1/2013
Silenced But Not Shutting Up
What the closing of the Labor Press says about the news media and Wisconsin at large.  
Pressroom Buzz  | Erik Gunn  | 4/3/2013
Meddling in my Mayor’s Business…
A Few More Minutes with Our Mayor  
In the Black with Yolanda White  | Yolanda White  | 10/28/2012
The Milwaukee Youth Show
Milwaukee Film’s Education Director Susan Kerns talks up youth filmmaker showcase  
Moviegoers  | Mack Bates  | 10/17/2012