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History In The Making
Wauwatosa's Schoonmaker Reef is rediscovered and redeveloped, with preservation at the fore.  
Insider  | Dan Shafer  | 10/8/2014
Northern Exposure
Wauwatosa’s commercial boom continues with The Sherbrooke’s ambitious effort.  
Dining Features  | Ann Christenson  | 7/3/2013
Tosa on Top
Why is the western suburb a dynamo of development that outshines even its big cousin to the east?  
Insider  | Erik Gunn  | 3/4/2013
Wauwatosa Will Take An Extra Vowel, Please
Sign maker spells suburb name incorrectly  
The Daily Mil  | Claire Hanan  | 8/2/2012
Silver Lining
How new media technology helped to launch a documentarian's career.  
Pressroom Buzz  | Erik Gunn  | 8/1/2012