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Fox Valley, Schmox Valley
Walker won almost as many votes in Milwaukee County.  
The Daily Mil  | Matt Hrodey  | 11/5/2014
Morning Links for Oct. 31, 2014
Holiday shopping, the war over Trek and Limburger.  
The Daily Mil  | Matt Hrodey  | 10/31/2014
Play Some High-Stakes Debate Bingo
Our chart could also be used as a drinking game.  
Web Feature  | Claire Hanan  | 10/10/2014
Just Desserts: A Primary To Remember
What the gubernatorial candidates are thinking, and the problem with turnout.  
Web Feature  | Claire Hanan  | 8/13/2014
Redistricting and the Squeaker in WI-06
Safe district for Republicans has led to a brawl.  
The Daily Mil  | Matt Hrodey  | 8/13/2014
A Study In Contrasts
A fiscal conservative who’s a social liberal. A Madison millionaire who’s downsized to give her money away. A business exec who’s never run for higher office. Democratic challenger Mary Burke couldn’t be more different than Scott Walker. That’s why she wants his job.  
Feature Story  | Claire Hanan  | 6/26/2014
Sh-t People Say on Capitol Hill
"You need to have an exit strategy."  
Web Feature  | Matt Hrodey  | 5/22/2014
Data Dude
Craig Gilbert’s revolution in political reporting.  
Pressroom Buzz  | Erik Gunn  | 9/18/2013
Pixel Art Politicians: Solutions
Spoiler Alert!  
Games  | Matt Hrodey  | 5/17/2013
Play the Pixel Art Politicians Game
Can you guess the identity behind each pixelated representation of a major public figure?  
Games  | Matt Hrodey  | 5/17/2013