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Marching Orders
Some soccer fans are taking a walk.  
The Daily Mil  | Howie Magner  | 9/16/2014
Buzz Williams, Former Marquette Coach
The words look weird, but they're finally true.  
Sports Nut  | Howie Magner  | 3/21/2014
Measuring Marquette
Buzz Williams has a few thoughts on success and failure.  
Sports Nut  | Howie Magner  | 2/12/2014
Bradley Center Teams Oppose Strip Club
Bucks, Admirals and Marquette send letter to city leaders  
The Daily Mil  | Howie Magner  | 11/26/2013
Why Buzz Williams Joined Twitter
Does it really matter for Marquette? Apparently, the answer is yes.  
Sports Nut  | Howie Magner  | 10/16/2013
Data Dude
Craig Gilbert’s revolution in political reporting.  
Pressroom Buzz  | Erik Gunn  | 9/18/2013
Outtakes from the Marquette Law Poll, July 23, 2013 Edition
And why criminal justice is the thorniest political issue except for a few select others, including abortion.  
The Daily Mil  | Matt Hrodey  | 7/23/2013
Stay at Marquette
Over the summer, the dorms play home to everyone from Festa Italiana Sicilian Band performers to wedding parties.  
The Daily Mil  | Sarah Butler  | 7/18/2013
Marquette Humanoid Robots to the Rescue
Building robots that can save the world. Or at least make a yummy snack.  
The Daily Mil  | Sarah Butler  | 7/17/2013
Marquette's Basketball Fan Base Ranked 9th
But it might not mean exactly what you think it means.  
The Daily Mil  | Sarah Butler  | 5/29/2013