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MFF2014 Closing Night Film
Th-th-th-that's all folks! Until next year's festival that is.  
Moviegoers  | Mack Bates  | 10/9/2014
The Stretch Run
It's marathon season. If you've never tackled the 26.2, enlist a little help to find the finish line.  
Insider  | Tim McCormick  | 10/8/2014
Milwaukee by Water
Walking on water during the winter was fun enough, but now that the snow and ice have (finally) melted, it’s time to enjoy the city’s waterways from a slightly different perspective.  
Feature Story  | Tim McCormick  | 6/2/2014
Trocadero's Smashing Pumpkin Dinner
A five-course spread with Lakefront Brewery (launching its Imperial Pumpkin) and Great Lakes Distillery.  
Dish On Dining  | Ann Christenson  | 10/3/2013
A Boozy Ice Cream Social
Your first chance to try Purple Door's new absinthe ice cream.  
Dish On Dining  | Ann Christenson  | 8/20/2013
Summerfest's Liquid Lineup
The adult version, at least.  
Bar Time  | Tyler Maas  | 7/1/2013
24 (Unorthodox) Hours in Milwaukee
One stalwart scribe takes the city by the cojones for an offbeat 24-hour jaunt.  
Feature Story  | Dan Murphy  | 5/31/2013
A Swan of a Different Color
Michael Pink and the Milwaukee Ballet's very contemporary take on a Russian classic.  
Culture Club  | Paul Kosidowski  | 5/17/2013
Barnacle Bud’s
Perfect for the imbiber who appreciates rum and lakeside views.  
Bar Time  | Tyler Maas  | 5/15/2013
Merry Indeed
Next week Brew City takes a holiday break, so get your fill of beer-related news right here.  
Brew City  | Dan Murphy  | 12/17/2012