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Shelter from the Storm
As thousands of children flee Central America for asylum in the U.S., Catholic Charities is preparing temporary housing for hundreds in Milwaukee.  
Web Feature  | Dan Shafer  | 7/24/2014
Morning Links for Feb. 5, 2014
Maybe someday, these two guys will film a commercial together.  
The Daily Mil  | Howie Magner  | 2/5/2014
Morning Links for Nov. 14, 2013
Shirley Abrahamson, unwanted organs and the return of Andy Kaufman?  
The Daily Mil  | Matt Hrodey  | 11/14/2013
Metal Singer From Murder-for-Hire Case Found Guidance in Legendary Packer
How Reggie White and The Rave intersected with the life of the musician charged with trying to kill his wife.  
The Daily Mil  | Matt Hrodey  | 5/15/2013
Bankruptcy Lawyer Disbarred After Sex Crime Cases
Joseph Engl once practiced in Milwaukee, where he was ensnared in a sting.  
The Daily Mil  | Matt Hrodey  | 4/30/2013
State Supreme Court: Chiller Than You Think
So claims a peacefully meditative David Prosser.  
The Daily Mil  | Matt Hrodey  | 4/5/2013
Search Results Are Like Neighborhoods
And other conclusions from a spat between injury lawyers.  
The Daily Mil  | Matt Hrodey  | 2/21/2013
Silence at the Polls
Maybe some people think it's too cold to vote.  
The Daily Mil  | Matt Hrodey  | 2/19/2013
Chief Concerns
The accomplishment, challenges and many other issues facing our county court system, per a conversation with the judge himself  
Point of View  | Howie Magner  | 8/19/2012