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Mugging It
The Daily Show’s granddad enjoys a modest resurgence.  
Pressroom Buzz  | Erik Gunn  | 11/14/2013
America's Bookstores
Publishers Weekly ranked the states by bookstores per capita. How does Wisconsin compare?  
The Daily Mil  | Claire Hanan  | 6/6/2013
Hot Type
Think global and read local with a summer reading list that’s distinctly Wisconsin thanks to homegrown luminaries, local recommendations and author visits to our fair city.  
Insider  | Ann Christenson  | 6/4/2013
Cut Lines for May 17, 2013
Lauren Conrad, Moda Operandi and Discovery World all in one digestible place.  
Style  | Claire Hanan  | 5/17/2013
Sometimes I Learn What Not To Do
Best Friends Forever  
Being Novel  | Amy Reichert  | 4/22/2013
Revenge of the Book with the Great Opening Line
Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality  
Being Novel  | Amy Reichert  | 4/5/2013
Goldin Boy
E-books are changing the way we read. Even Barnes & Noble is struggling to keep up. But one local independent bookseller has become a part of Milwaukee’s literary scene while making an impact on a national scale.  
Feature Story  | Claire Hanan  | 4/1/2013
Book ‘em
The author of a new book on New Orleans schools got a start in Milwaukee. And two Journal Sentinel reporters write a book on the Act 10 controversies.  
Pressroom Buzz  | Erik Gunn  | 3/14/2013
Pacing Perfection
The Shades of London  
Being Novel  | Amy Reichert  | 3/12/2013
Why I do this?
Bird by Bird  
Being Novel  | Amy Reichert  | 2/8/2013