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Ugly's Pub
A new addition to Old World Third St. is much prettier than its name would have you believe.  
Bar Time  | Kaitlin Corner  | 10/31/2013
Saint Francis Brewing Co.
The beer leaves something to be desired, but the house-made soda and decor are divine.  
Bar Time  | Tyler Maas  | 10/17/2013
Blue Jacket's Bar
A Wisconsin-heavy beer selection and creative cocktails.  
Bar Time  | Kaitlin Corner  | 9/26/2013
Gerry’s Diamond Tap
Newly re-opened and as good as ever.  
Bar Time  | Tyler Maas  | 9/17/2013
Black Sheep
Walker's Point's newest addition.  
Bar Time  | Tyler Maas  | 8/16/2013
Thoroughly local.  
Bar Time  | Kaitlin Corner  | 8/12/2013
Studio Lounge
What pairs well with a fine cocktail? Local art, of course.  
Bar Time  | Tyler Maas  | 8/2/2013
Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub: Downtown
Brew City pride and one pretty patio.  
Bar Time  | Kaitlin Corner  | 6/28/2013
42 Lounge
A gamer's dream bar with drinks that will "pwn."  
Bar Time  | Tyler Maas  | 6/13/2013
Foundation Tiki Bar
Year-round Mai Tais because this winter just won't leave.  
Bar Time  | Tyler Maas  | 4/17/2013