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Alterra to Sell Beer
The chain is opening a beer-serving location in Madison, joining cafes like Starbucks who've done the same.  
The Daily Mil  | Claire Hanan  | 3/27/2013
Things Won't Be Great
Why Downtown is an anathema to coffee shops.  
Web Feature  | Matt Hrodey  | 8/7/2012
Coffee Intel
Drips and drops of data, all from the underbelly of Milwaukee’s coffee scene.  
Web Feature  | Matt Hrodey  | 8/7/2012
Bragging Rights
Historic Milwaukee panel discussion highlighted development, education and the city’s humility problem.  
The Daily Mil  | Milwaukee Magazine Staff  | 6/19/2012
Clinton at the Lake
Bill Clinton visits Alterra at the Lake while in town to support Barrett  
The Daily Mil  | Abby Callard  | 6/1/2012