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Healing Arts
Milwaukee is hosting the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival for the first time. In advance of this Sunday’s fest, Milwaukee resident Melvin Ridgenal opens up on his art – and his healing.  
Web Feature  | Aimee Robinson  | 10/31/2014
Morning Links for Oct. 31, 2014
Holiday shopping, the war over Trek and Limburger.  
The Daily Mil  | Matt Hrodey  | 10/31/2014
Friday: One more year for Gallardo
We're talking about the possible return of a longtime Brewers pitcher and more in today's baseball news roundup.  
Frosty Mug  | Kyle Lobner  | 10/31/2014
Quick Bucks: A Veteran Presence
Players like Jared Dudley can play key roles in the development of this young Bucks team. Plus: previewing the week ahead.  
Sports Nut  | Eric Nehm  | 10/30/2014
Thursday: Swing more, or less?
We'll discuss the difference between being more and less aggressive at the plate in today's roundup of all things Brewers.  
Frosty Mug  | Kyle Lobner  | 10/30/2014
A Bucks Crystal Ball
Just how optimistic should fans be about this new Milwaukee Bucks era?  
Sports Nut  | Howie Magner  | 10/29/2014
Till the Well Runs Dry
High-capacity wells are pumping billions of gallons of groundwater onto farm fields, and draining lakes and streams dry. Is Wisconsin’s greatest resource being sacrificed by short-sighted politics?  
Feature Story  | Erik Ness  | 10/29/2014
Wednesday: And the drought goes on
We're asking what the Brewers have to do to win it all in today's baseball news roundup.  
Frosty Mug  | Kyle Lobner  | 10/29/2014
Downtown Horizons
Plans are on the drawing board that could radically reshape Downtown Milwaukee. Will we make the quantum leap or blow the chance to go big and bold?  
Feature Story  | Dan Shafer  | 10/28/2014
Tuesday: Claiming an Angel
We're discussing the newest Brewer and more in today's baseball news roundup.  
Frosty Mug  | Kyle Lobner  | 10/27/2014