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Safari Al’s Incomparable Tour Diary

Alexander Kollman (better known by his stage name “Safari Al”) is far from your typical hip-hop artist. His 2012 Highlands EP is a lush and atmospheric escape to Guatemala – where Al’s two-week experience in Engineers Without Borders inspired the six-song release. His beats are predominately subdued and naturalistically tinged. His style is clean and intellectual. He, along with Milo, is ushering an encouraging and altogether exciting epoch of Milwaukee hip-hop – a genre that’s long struggled for local footing.

When Music Notes asked Safari Al to document his recent 20-state (and a district), 25-show, month-long Geordi La Forgery Tour in support of Milo, we also learned the budding area emcee is delightfully strange. Through a series of typewritten descriptions, crude illustrations and photographs from the road, Al granted us visibility into candid moments on the road and into the odd mind of one of Milwaukee’s best and brightest rappers.

Catch Safari Al locally at Stonefly Brewery on Tuesday, opening for the Milwaukee stop of the Off The Meds Tour. The show begins at 10 p.m. and costs $5.

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