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The Fine Art of Style
Fall’s trends perfectly complement the advent of the art season.    

Finessing the Look 
Art and fashion have long been partners, and fall’s trends provide all the appropriate palettes on which to anchor your season tickets for the theater. In colors both bright and bold, lace triumphs, emphasizing the delicate choreography that weaves paisley and floral through fabrics both sheer and substantial. Metallics do dual duty, appearing understated in hip-hugging rosy blush tones or ethereal in floor-length gold sequins. And leather prevails in nontraditional ways, like braided accents on a caramel-colored jacket. It’s as tough as it is feminine. Statement-making? To be sure.
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Dress in gold by Frascara, $875 at Gigi of Mequon. Models: Jenna Lipps (Ford Models) and Lauren Lewis (Ford Models). Makeup by Joelle Kraemer (Bella Lei Salon Spa & Boutique Mequon). Hair by Katie Bohn (Bella Lei Salon Spa & Boutique Mequon) and Angela Peterson (Bella Lei Salon Spa & Boutique Cedarburg). Location: Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum. Photo by Adam Ryan Morris
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