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Graphic Analysis
An exclusive excerpt from the graphic novel My Friend Dahmer    
Milwaukee has tried to forget its most infamous son. But the memory of Jeffrey Dahmer keeps surfacing, recently in the graphic novel My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf – an award-winning political cartoonist and one of the serial killer’s Ohio high school classmates. The book tells the story of Dahmer’s childhood through intricately designed vignettes that attempt to explain his downfall. What emerges is a surprisingly gripping tale of adolescent exile and uncontrollable desire. Backderf portrays the young Dahmer as a tragic figure, but he makes it clear that the sympathy ends when Dahmer kills: “After that horrible day in June 1978, the only tragedy is that Dahmer didn’t have the courage to put a gun to his head and end it.” Read it not for the shock factor but the stylistic sketches and extensive research that has rightfully earned the praise of R. Crumb, Chuck Klosterman and James Ellroy. (Abby Callard)
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