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November 2013

Creative Milwaukeeans
Twenty class acts, these men and women (and one helluva robot) are using their talents to make an impact. And what an impact
End of the Line
An absorbing read about the history of public transit in MKE, and a controversial proposal to have our system run by an out-of-town for-profit.

Shades of Gray
Statement-making materials and a penchant for a certain hue peg this lakefront home.

Lone Wolf
Ald. Bob Donovan hasn't bonded with his constituents for being complacent. Will the rabble-rouser throw his name into the 2016 mayoral race ring?

For Your Information
A book team sets out to compile the ultimate volume on Milwaukee.

The Man Next Door
A case in Racine pulls back the curtain on how the state deals with some o fits most dangerous residents.

King For A Day
A sudden end to Jockey's brief affair with Tim Tebow.

Bird's The Word
Keeping up with the peripatetic East Side Turkey.

Tremor Time
Today's basement sounds are tomorrow's indie breakouts.

Art Underfoot
If you can't commit to painting the walls, the latest in floor decor is a fantastic substitute to inject a splash of color into an otherwise bare room.

Lost Garden
Naturalist Increase Lapham is considered Wisconsin's first great scientist. He lived and died in the Milwaukee area, but there's hardly a trace of his legacy in the city.

Master Class
The symphony's young associate conductor is making waves by keeping an eye on the future.
Colorful Casa
Cafe La Paloma adds charisma and quality to an area replete with Mexican restaurants.
Face Off!
Our anonymous dining critic meets restaurant power couple Sandy and Angie D'Amato for the first time.

Point of View

James Causey
James Causey is the go-to guy on race issues for the Journal Sentinel. And he's not one to bury his dreads in the sand.
On newsstands and online Nov. 4

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