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November 2012

21 Ideas to Change Milwaukee 

Can Milwaukee really transform from old to bold? Yes, say city leaders. From the slightly expected to the rather radical, here's how to do it by the year 2050.

Stroke of Genius
Reginald Baylor has a signature style, both in person and in paint. One of Milwaukee's best-known and appreciated artists, his high-priced canvases are surely coveted, but his impact is stretching much further, deep into the city he proudly calls home.

Here They Stand
A still-grieving yet steadfast and strong community shares its collective soul.

Field of Dreamers
Milwaukee once had the country's most convenient airport – until it disappeared.

Lion's Share
Why Wisconsin's sputtering job recovery will mostly benefit men.

Faces of Death
Forensic investigators pull back the curtain on life's grisliest ends.

Down on the Farm
The fight against hunger takes to the earth.

Wooden Words
The world's largest wood-type workshop is in danger of washing away.

No Place Like Home
Forget national chains. Outfit your house or condo with furnishings made right here in Wisconsin.

Cloak of Color
Winter coats don't have to look as heavy as they feel. 

Casting a Lifeline
Hobbies make you happier when you're older. But you have to have one first.

Home Is Where the Art Is
Molly Rohde's career comes full circle with Skylight Music Theatre's The Sound of Music.

Memory Lane
Bartolotta's take on the classic Midwestern supper club is so laced in nostalgia, it makes you wonder if moving forward means always keeping an eye on the past. 

On Sake Ground
The Third Ward welcomes Japanese dining back to a familiar address.  
Point of View

She Remembers
Hannah Rosenthal was a familiar name in Wisconsin government until she went national. Now she's coming back.
Online and on newsstands Oct. 22

The Untold Story 

Cloak of Color 

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