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March 2014

For Love & Money
Same-sex couples from Wisconsin need only hop the border to neighboring states to legally wed. Considering economic ramifications alone, can our state afford not to legalize same-sex marriage?
By Abby Callard
The Importance of Being Brenner
It means dressing in costume, opening a gallery, ticking people off, and brewing beer. Have we left anything out?

Raw Deal
Got raw milk? It’s not legal to sell unpasteurized moo juice in our Dairy State. But that hasn’t stopped an underground raw market from thriving.

Blooper Reel
There are no second takes in public life. Just ask Joel Kleefisch.

Hold Fire
Republicans are playing it safe as they wind down another year in control of the state Legislature.

Fashionably Fit
How to turn a dull storefront into the workplace of your dreams. 

Signs & Portents
Is someone, somewhere building a massive collection of stolen parking signs.

Double Byline
A cozy partnership between the Journal Sentinel and Marquette spawns award-winning journalism and street-wise students.

Layer It On
Layer for the weather, mix and match prints because it adds delightful dimension.

The Doctor Will Write You Now
A Columbia St. Mary's program gives patients access to all -- not some -- of their medical records.

The Piano Lesson
How 88 old keys found one new purpose. 

Earthen Explosion
This month, clay and its sandy brethren will make the local art world spin..

Bowls of Broth
Is ramen all the rage? Shorewood's Tochi makes Asian noodles seem as commonplace as spaghetti.

Stilt House Rules
A new gastrobar injects quiet downtown Cedarburg with beer-fueled energy.

Chefrigerator: Peter Sandroni
La Merenda's Peter Sandroni brings his work home with him. The icebox reflects that -- and the bounty of his family's treks to wife Sonia's native Colombia.
Point of View

Nikiya Harris
Talking topics with Nikiya Harris, a Democrat wading through the Repub-led state Senate.
On newsstands March 3

A drummer, a monkey and a wrestler.
More photos from Vernon Hershberger's farm.
A look at Milwaukee's newest Ramen restaurant.
The Dwyer family and their free piano.
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