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March 2013

The Watchmen
An A-level unit deep within the Milwaukee Police Department is training a high-tech eye on the city, fighting crime and stopping violence before it even occurs.
Leading Lady
From civil rights-era Mississippi to modern-day Milwaukee, Thelma Sias has taken a deep interest in her community, supporting local causes while making a national splash. Not to mention rubbing elbows with everyone from the Obamas to Oprah.

An Irish Toast
A guide to the pubs that keep glasses full and spirits high - all year long.

Harbor House
This rebuilt summer home takes full advantage of its lakeside location.


Sibling Rivalries
This may be a city run by relatives.

Tosa On Top
Why is the western suburb a dynamo of development that outshines even its big cousin to the east?

Scroll of the Centuries
A document forgotten in a desk is unlocking the forgotten tale of a Mexican kingdom

City Fish
The South Side's newest residents (with scales) are on a mission.

Wild Flower
A feminine, statement-making look for spring.

Shock Therapy 2.0
A new treatment borrows the straight-to-the-brain approach but leaves the electricity and nasty side effects in the past.


Crushing Place
Finding renewal through the destruction of things once deemed permanent.
The Beast Returns
Set in Milwaukee and written by a Wisconsin playwright, the show that's been to Estonia and back finds a new home at In Tandem Theatre.


Swing Set
An elder in the landscape of local bars, the Swingin' Door Exchange proves that age is only a number

Simple Times
Call for simple measures. A new cafe's straighforward but inspired taked on daytime dining.

Point of View

Laughing Matters
ComedySportz' Dick Chudnow on humor and chutzpah.
Online and on newsstands March 4
On newsstands and online April 2
Gain more intel on one of the country's most successful units of its kind with a police ride-along and behind-the-scenes meetings in our online photo gallery.
See a piece of Mexican history once feared lost.

These additional looks have a feminine edge perfect for spring.

Embark on a virtual walk through this Pine Lake home.

Just A Number
Tour the ageless interior of the Swingin' Door Exchange.
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