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2014 Look Book:


2015 Look Book

In December 2012, Milwaukee Magazine launched its first ever Holiday Look Book. But don't let the name deceive you! The Look Book takes the guesswork out of searching for the perfect gift all year round, placing the newest and most notable products at the fingertips of the most discerning shoppers: our readers. From high-end luxury goods and high-tech electronics to fashion, beauty, food and everything in between; there truly is something for everyone!

Milwaukee is home to many of the finest retailers in the area, and when you get down to it, the urban shopper wants ideas. Good ideas. That's why Milwaukee Magazine's Look Book is the best resource for the holiday season and beyond.


2015 Holiday Look Book Deadlines:

TBD: Reservation Deadline
TBD: Image & Copy Due
TBD: Delivery to advertisers
TBD: In Home Delivery

Contact the Sales department for more information.