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July 2013

35 Best Trails
In sheer number of trails for primo recreational pursuits, metro Milwaukee struts its stuff. Before you pack your gear, get the lowdown on these rad routes.
The Activist
Christine Neumann-Ortiz has turned up the heat on one of the most contentious labor disputes in state history. Who is this fierce, eloquent voice in Milwaukee’s Hispanic community?

Iron Strong
When CEO Keith Wandell rolled into Harley-Davidson four-plus years ago, the hog manufacturer was responding to the need for change, one that would raise sales and expand market share well beyond its core. Has the effect been like an engine roaring back to life?

A Dog's Life
Critics of the city’s animal control agency denounce it for decimating dogs. The challenges and the great hope that may fortify this agency.


Man Overboard
Why are top officials leaving Chris Abele's administration at what some say is an alarming rate?

Takin' Their Time
Speed and sloth combine in a seamhead's unlikely yet surprisingly popular obsession.

Shovel Ready?
Experts says the timing's right for new home constructions - if buyers can find someone to build them.

Work It
Abandon your leotards and short shorts for wowsa workout wear.

No Pins and Needles
Acupuncture takes root among a younger set.

Safe Haven's Gift
After years of infertility and a whirlwind 22 hours to prepare, a couple's quest for a family is fulfilled.
Needle Points
The soft buzzing of the needle. The dispensing of permanent ink. A canvas made of skin. Such is the trade of two local men whose tattoo art exhibition opens this month.

Point of View

The Auctioneer
Auctioneer Leslie Hindman is more than comfortable with a gavel in her hand and taxidermy in her home.
On newsstands July 1 

Watch the Mil Mag staff take on the challenge of the tater trot and see who had the fastest time. 

Photographic evidence of great paths.

More shots of Christine Neumann-Ortiz.

See what's behind the Harley-Davidson name.

The simple, succulent food of Love Handle.
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