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January 2013

Free Agent 

Unexpectedly fired with no public explanation, former Milwaukee County parks director Sue Black is charting a new course for the future. But will her plan include Milwaukee?

The Third Degree
For-profit colleges provide an alternative to traditional postsecondary education. But are they filling an educational gap or taking advantage of vulnerable students?

Yukon Gold
Frigid adventure awaits on the area’s ski trails.

Of All the Gin Joints
A little bit of Wisconsin is growing in an unlikely place.

Disaster, Inc.
Billions in bonds for storm relief have either gone nowhere or to companies that suffered no damage.

Sole Survivor
Eight years later, rabies remains at the center of one Fond du Lac woman’s life.

Blame Game
Was Johnson Controls responsible for a rash of lead poisoning in China?

Let your rental properties go, and the city could take you to court. Just ask these guys.

Linked In
Since King Charles II, cuff links have put the polish in menswear. 

Three Times the Harm
Women and girls who exercise too hard and don’t eat enough risk the serious implications of the female athlete triad.  

Uncommon Ground
They wanted to build a Packers stadium. They ended up with so much more.
Outside Chance
Dean Jensen’s gallery has become a home for young local artists like Claire Stigliani, as well as a showcase for some unexpected “outsiders.”

Dancing With Wolves
With a somewhat esoteric name, the successor to the old Roots Restaurant goes from inventive “ta-da” dining to casual, simple grazing fare in a mere six weeks.

Down to Earth
It’s not wild, but it is earthy down in the Valley. Buried deep inside this center of smoke and clanging slot machines is good, rustic Italian dining.  
Point of View

Agent of Change
A major player in the FBI's Milwaukee Division covers topics ranging from the Sikh temple shooting to human trafficking.
Online and on newsstands Dec. 24
Online and on newsstands Jan. 21

Big Apple Sconnies
Explore restaurants giving a section of New York City some Wisconsin flare.

Blow Hard
For the love of Milwaukee, a marketing agency blew up a car. See the carnage.

Out in the Cold
See Sue Black in the parks for which she fought so hard.

You Say Tomato
Wolf Peach gets its name from the tomato, but where does it get its food.

Dean Jensen
Portraits of the man behind the Dean Jensen Gallery.
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