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2014 Health Matters:
2014 Health Matters 

Milwaukee Magazine’s annual Health Matters guide is the most comprehensive list of medical professionals, hospitals and clinics in the Greater Milwaukee area. Released annually, the print version of Health Matters is your source for hot-topic health stories and at-your-fingertips listings. Take it a step further by searching for a doctor using the Find a Doctor tool below. 



1)   1) Go to milwaukeemag.com and click Login or Register. You must have a (free) milwaukeemag.com account to add listings

2)   2) Once registered or logged in, click on “Health Matters” located below the Milwaukee Magazine logo on the home page

3)   3) Click on “Add a Doctor” to add brand new listings only. Please be sure to fill out First and Last Name as well as the required (*) fields

4)   4) Doctors may only be listed under one primary specialty. Additional specialties may be listed in the “Description” box, but will not be listed in print

5)   5) Hit Submit at the bottom of the page


1)   1) Go to milwaukeemag.com and click Login or Register. You must have a (free) milwaukeemag.com account to review/update listings

2)   2) Once logged in, select “Profile” in the upper right hand corner of the home page

3)   3) Past doctor entries will show up in “Business Records”

4)   4) To edit a listing from Business Records, simply click on the doctor’s name and then “Edit Listing” on the next screen

5)   5) You MUST check “Approve for Print” under the doctor’s last name to guarantee the listing appears in print

6)   6) Hit Save just above Doctor Specialty. When the page reloads, verify that all information is correct. Depending on your browser, you may need to hit Save again to lock changes in!

NETWORKS: You are unable to export listings, but you may request an Excel spreadsheet of all your currently listed doctors by contacting Meghan Gerosa (meghan.gerosa@milwaukeemag.com) If your administrator has changed, we can also reassign listings to a new user. 

If a doctor is no longer with your network/practice, do not check the "Approve for Print" box and the listing will not be included. We will take care of removing the online listing on your behalf after the submission period has ended.

Check back in Spring 2014 for updates on Health Matters 2015.

For Dental advertising contact Shannon Dailey.
For Medical advertising contact Jane Pankowski.