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Paco Peña "Flamenco Vivo"
3/2/2013 - 1 day only
19805 W Capitol Drive
Brookfield, WI 53045
(262) 781-9520


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About Event

From the early days in which Paco Peña decided to launch his now world famous company, he set out to bring onto the stage a true rendition of what the Art of Flamenco represents. This spontaneous collaboration between musicians, dancers, and singers creates a unique and unrepeatable experience every time. The result is a performance that is as new and surprising to the performers as it is to the audience. 

"Peña's technique was flawless, from SILKY TREMOLOS to FIERY STRUMMED rasguedos."

--Los Angeles Times

Additional Info

Single Tickets

$59 Prime Orchestra

$49 Regular Orchestra

$31 Balcony