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The Trio of Oz
2/9/2013 - 1 day only
19805 W Capitol Drive
Brookfield, WI 56045
(262) 781-9520


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About Event
The Trio of Oz will “take you through more twists and turns than the average feature-length movie.” --GlideMagazine.com

Called “one of the year’s most brilliant debuts for both purists and pioneers to admire” (AllAboutJazz.com) The Trio of Oz burst on to the musical scene in 2010 with their debut, self-titled album. Featuring legendary drummer Omar Hakim, GRAMMY Award-winning pianist Rachel Z, and newly added bassist Solomon Dorsey, The Trio of Oz fuses rock, jazz, and jam into a must-hear musical statement.

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Single Tickets

$59 Prime Orchestra

$49 Regular Orchestra

$31 Balcony