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The Printed Woods, Serigraphs by Larry Basky
Starts: 10/19/2012 Ends: 1/9/2013
1800 N. Prospect Ave.,
Milwaukee, WI 53202
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About Event

The Museum of Wisconsin Art (MWA) is delighted to showcase the exceptional works of master serigrapher and Wisconsin artist, Larry Basky, at the MWA On The Lake at Saint John’s On The Lake in Milwaukee.   The exhibition will be on display from October 19 through January 9, 2013.

A printer and painter for over forty years, Basky’s is a master of his medium.  Hi technical abilities put him in the first rank of serigraphers nationally, and through his use of vibrant color and dramatic contrasts, Basky’s bold artwork will instantly grab and hold your attention. Having lived and worked in Kansas, New Mexico and Colorado, Basky now resides in Plymouth, Wisconsin and has a particular love for depicting landscapes through each season.  At one time thinking that the most important aspect of art was the geographic location where one lived, Basky’s travels around the country have altered his perspective, and now he states that it is more what is inside a person rather than what is visually outside. 

Basky describes his feelings towards his medium this way: “Over forty years ago I pulled my first serigraph print and have been hooked ever since. The way I work there are such major transformations that take place during the process that it continues to amaze me. Stencil printing, which is what silk screening is, dates back to the days of the cave man. I have developed what I call the reduction method of serigraphy in which I generally use one screen per print edition. Normally, one would use one screen per color in an edition. At an early stage I knew this would not be practical, and necessity became the mother of invention. I average around 20 colors per print, though I have used up to 62. In the printmaking world, editions of 100 to 300 are considered small. Unlike the majority of prints that are copied on machines, original prints are hand “pulled” by the artist (or the artist supervises the pulling of the print.) Each color on every print of mine is pulled by me. My serigraph editions run from 15 to 30.”

Additional Info

OPEN DAILY: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Parking available on the south side of building

Free admission

Museum of Wisconsin Art On The Lake is presented by Paula Hogan