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City Guide 2014

Blue Skies
For this year’s City Guide, we’ve decided to focus on events that take place under blue skies or starlit nights. There are only 2,232 hours of summer. It's time to soak up the sun.
By Tim mccormick
Milwaukee By Water
Now that the snow and ice have (finally) melted, it’s time to enjoy the city’s waterways from a slightly different perspective.

Only the Strong Survive
Extreme fitness programs turn wimps into winners.

Quidditch, anyone?
OK, maybe not. But there’s no shortage of unconventional sports in metro Milwaukee.

The Indispensable Summer Drinking Guide
You'll never think of Milwaukee's summer bar scene the same way again.

Coffee Clash
Here's a look at how Milwaukee's bean-based businesses stack up. 


Read these
We’re ink-stained after this review of new books but not feeling wretched.

Bumper Crop
With an abundance of farmers markets across the metro area, the demand for local growers is soaring.

Hitchin' a ride
As the city’s bike-share program gears up, here’s where you can rent a pair of pedals.

Smells like community spirit
How to throw a block party to remember in the Brew City.

Peanuts, Cracker Jack and a side of pork parfait
I went where no dining critic should go, devoured everything I could find, and narrowly escaped the palace of cheap calories called Miller Park.

The Color Purple
Purple Door Ice Cream’s Second Street shop dares you to be in a bad mood.

Point of View

Tiffany Krihwan
As senior captain on Wisconsin’s flagship, the Denis Sullivan, since 2008, Tiffany Krihwan breaks the mold of typical salty (or even freshwater) sea dogs.

Painting in public
Public art is famously contentious -- and yet, your average neighborhood mural enjoys a charmed life. 

From the Best Coast concert to your best friend's wedding, consider this your sartorial guide to easy-peasy looks to last you...
All Summer Long

Extreme Fitness

Behind the grinds

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