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Justin Carlisle of Ardent
Kyle chats with chef Carlisle about his new venture

Cooking Demo with Jarvis Williams of Carnevor
Learn how to cook a steak the Carnevor way

Jarvis Williams of Carnevor
How to do steak well and why that's the only thing that matters.

Kurt Fogle Teaches You How to Eat A Cream Puff
Bonus: Watch Kyle get a cream puff shoved in his face.

Interview with Kurt Fogle: Part 2
Hear how his little sister got him into culinary school in Chicago.

Kurt Fogle of Surg Talk About Pastries
Chats about cookies, inspiration and whether or not chefs deserve all the fame.

Chef Talk with Wil Borgstrom of the Lowlands Group
They're talking farm-to-table and a great beer selection.

Cooking Demo with Wil Borgstrom
A wet-braised lamb shank with potato, carrot and pear.

A Cocktail Demo with Katie Rose
The Bryant's Cocktail Lounge and Burnhearts' bartender demonstrates her favorites, including Burnhearts' Honey Peach.

Cooking Demo with Matt Kerley
The Rumpus Room chef shows Kyle how to make a salmon dish