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Reasons to Love Milwaukee
Our annual love letter to the city.

Chefrigerator of the Month: September

| 9/23/2014
Informed Decisions
Kurt Chandler's monthly letter to our readers.
| 9/17/2014
Inside the Miller Park Tax
We pulled back the curtain on the area's long-enduring stadium tax. Here's what we found.   
| 9/16/2014

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Reasons to Love Milwaukee
Our annual love letter to the city.
Milwaukee Magazine Staff | 9/25/2014
Chefrigerator of the Month: September

Ann Christenson | 9/23/2014
Informed Decisions
Kurt Chandler's monthly letter to our readers.
Kurt Chandler | 9/17/2014
Inside the Miller Park Tax
We pulled back the curtain on the area's long-enduring stadium tax. Here's what we found.   
Matt Hrodey | 9/16/2014
Editor's Choice: The Spice Boys
With biting news and commentary, muckraking columnists Spivak & Bice are giving politicians and newsroom colleagues a good case of heartburn.
Milwaukee Magazine Staff | 9/11/2014
Deep in Dough
Hold on to your trend-deflector. The “craft” – would you prefer “gourmet”? – doughnut is here.
Ann Christenson | 8/26/2014
Lewis Black
The sometimes-star of "The Daily Show" loves Milwaukee (even if his liver might not).
Howie Magner | 8/26/2014
Our comedy guru dishes on the best acts of the season.
Howie Magner | 8/26/2014
Family-Friendly Fare
We didn't forget the kids.
Tim McCormick | 8/26/2014
In the Great Outdoors
Wild Space’s Debra Loewen takes her audiences for a spin.
Paul Kosidowski | 8/26/2014

Mario Quadracci
Freelance Writer
Mario Quadracci was on staff at Milwaukee Magazine for nine years and now freelances for publications such as Outside and Men’s Health.

Steve Paske
Freelance Writer
Steve Paske is a freelance writer for Milwaukee Magazine.

Tom Matthews
Freelance Writer
Tom Matthews is a Milwaukee Magazine freelance writer.

Colleen Heather Rogan
Staff Blogger
Early on as a middle child of a large family, a nagging sense that I had too few things of the things I wanted strengthened my innate skills of observation and critique. Later, a fine arts education prompted me to explore my creative expression along while studying that of others. Soon, sorting out a career in Manhattan’s fashion and publishing worlds introduced me to the excitement, power and seduction of all manner of style and design, to say nothing of the tickle of seeing one’s name in print for the very first time. Eventually, a sudden and unexpected blip on the screen of life sent me  smack back to my hometown nest. Today, blending all manner of what I’ve managed to scoop up along the way, I yammer on about this or that in an effort to stir up some enthusiasm in support of local stores, shoppers and style. Once in while, I share a bit of myself with those who may or may not be listening. In the end all I can offer is that I’m a firm believer in the "art of chat."

Ann Christenson
Senior Editor
Milwaukee Magazine’s dining critic since 1997, Ann Christenson blogs about restaurants, chefs and just about anything edible and local in Dish on Dining. When she’s not thinking about her next meal, she’s … well, she’s always thinking about her next meal. 

Mary Van de Kamp Nohl


Laurie A. Szpot

Howie Magner
Senior Editor

Barring an in-game tour by preschool students, Howie Magner is routinely the shortest person in Milwaukee-area press boxes. Still, the University of Tulsa grad spent 15 years covering sports for newspapers in Oklahoma, Ohio and Michigan, winning more than a dozen awards for everything from spot news to features to columns. He joined Milwaukee Magazine in 2007 as an associate editor and soon began his Sports Nut column, which was honored in 2009 and 2010 by the Milwaukee Press Club. He's often a guest, and an occasional guest host, on SportsRadio 1250, and he talks sports once a month on WUWM's "Lake Effect." He also tweets sports regularly as @howiemag and enjoys acting, history and travel. Finally, when interviewing Bucks players, he hopes they're sitting down.

Jenna Kashou
Girl About Town

Jenna Kashou is a Milwaukee native, dabbling in everything from turntables and photography to DIY deco and yoga.  Follow her as she exposes fun events, people and hidden gems on and off the beaten path that make Milwaukee a great city on a great lake. Jenna also works in the nonprofit sector and volunteers with several groups including Radio Milwaukee.

Pete Ehrmann
Freelance Writer
Pete Ehrmann is a Milwaukee native and former amateur boxer whose first byline came at 14 in The Ring. He's been a freelance writer ever since.

John Rondy
Freelance Writer
John Rondy is a Milwaukee Magazine freelance writer.

Tom Bamberger
coming soon

Kurt Chandler
Editor Kurt Chandler was a senior editor at Milwaukee Magazine beginning in 1998, writing profiles, narratives and commentaries. In previous lives, he worked construction, drove a cab and played the banjo (not necessarily at the same time). He’s toiled in journalism as a magazine writer, newspaper reporter and author of books for nearly three decades now, and unmindful of his father’s advice, he has nothing to fall back on. Yet Chandler is not without a specialized set of skills: He can take notes in the dark and is pretty good with active verbs.

Erik Gunn
Contributing Editor
Milwaukee Magazine Contributing Editor Erik Gunn has written for the magazine since 1995. He started covering the media in 2006, writing the award-winning column Pressroom and now its online successor, Pressroom Buzz. Check back regularly for the latest news and commentary of the workings of the news business in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

Paul Kosidowski
Culture Club Writer
Paul Kosidowski is a freelance writer and critic who contributes regularly to Milwaukee Magazine, WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio and other national arts magazines. He writes weekly reviews and previews for the Culture Club column. He was literary director of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater from 1999-2006. In 2007, he was a fellow with the NEA Theater and Musical Theater Criticism Institute at the University of Southern California. His writing has also appeared in American Theatre magazine, Backstage, The Boston Globe, Theatre Topics, and Isthmus (Madison, Wis.). He teaches arts criticism and magazine writing in the journalism program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Marie Rohde
Freelance Writer
Marie Rohde is a Milwaukee Magazine freelance writer.
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