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21 (Big) Ideas to Change the City by 2050
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Recent Feature Stories
Crack of Dawn
We have nothing but accolades for these top-of-the-morning standouts, served up in geographic pecking order.
The Aftermath
The dust is still settling from the contentious 2011 battle over Act 10. And both sides are looking for ways to work together, despite lingering feelings of uncertainty and mistrust.
Depth Of Field
Milwaukee becomes the focal point for 11 world-renowned photographers.
A House Divided
When iconoclastic artist Mary Nohl died in 2001, she left nearly $10 million to Wisconsin artists and a trove of original art. Plans were made to turn her beachfront house into a small museum. But a handful of neighbors resisted. Now Nohl’s house – and her legacy – will be dismantled and moved to Sheboygan County.
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Crack of Dawn
The Aftermath
Guardian Angel
Where The Heart Is
How The Cookies Crumbled
Dillinger 2.0
The Bus To Nowhere
Bernie Brewer's Sliding Scale
Breadfest 2014
Beer Camp
News on Bob Donovan, Paul Ryan, Vernon Hershberger and Jordy Nelson.
New high-rise, Ismael Ozanne and creepy dolls.
A naked intruder, lost airplane, junky erotica and street festival.
Are Americans louder than the average Irishman?
Chipotle fans, ride sharing and legal fees.

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