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Rich Rovito

Rich Rovito is a freelance writer for Milwaukee Magazine.
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Hulk Smash
How a machine that makes the earth tremble returned to West Milwaukee.
Rich Rovito  | Insider  | Posted: 10/8/2014
High Impact
As more and more coaches bench young athletes who suffer concussions, Wisconsin researchers find ways to treat sports-related head injuries and prevent permanent damage.
Rich Rovito  | Feature Story  | Posted: 10/7/2014
Making Waves
Business exec Rich Meeusen doesn’t hold back. His opinions flow like water, unrestrained and unfiltered. As a founder of the Milwaukee Water Council, he’s his own best marketing campaign. But is his message credible?
Rich Rovito  | Feature Story  | Posted: 1/30/2014
King for a Day
A sudden end to Jockeyʼs brief affair with Tim Tebow.
Rich Rovito  | Insider  | Posted: 11/6/2013
The Brew Crews
When Miller married Coors, Milwaukee feared losing a favorite son. But in the wake of a rocky honeymoon, the couple just might find happily ever after – Brew City included.
Rich Rovito  | Feature Story  | Posted: 8/1/2013
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Hulk Smash
POSTED 10/8/2014

High Impact
POSTED 10/7/2014