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Erik Gunn
Contributing Editor

Milwaukee Magazine Contributing Editor Erik Gunn has written for the magazine since 1995. He started covering the media in 2006, writing the award-winning column Pressroom and now its online successor, Pressroom Buzz. Check back regularly for the latest news and commentary of the workings of the news business in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.
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Wrong Target?
Journal Sentinel slaps Mary Burke for repeating its own error.
Erik Gunn  | Pressroom Buzz  | Posted: 4/18/2014
A Marriage Made in Madison
Merging with The Progressive, the Center for Media and Democracy burrows more deeply into the media world.
Erik Gunn  | Pressroom Buzz  | Posted: 4/3/2014
Raw Deal
Selling unpasteurized milk is legal in 30 states. But not in America’s Dairyland. While medical experts and the dairy industry warn of health risks, true believers swear by the time-tested nutritional value of raw milk. And they’ve found a WAY around Wisconsin’s prohibition.
Erik Gunn  | Feature Story  | Posted: 3/10/2014
Bye-bye GannettBlog
The best source on America’s largest publisher reflects on Wisconsin’s role in the future of the company.
Erik Gunn  | Pressroom Buzz  | Posted: 3/7/2014
On Second Thought
Questions planned for the news media get scrapped over allegations of government intrusion.
Erik Gunn  | Pressroom Buzz  | Posted: 2/28/2014
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Wrong Target?
POSTED 4/18/2014

A Marriage Made in Madison
POSTED 4/3/2014