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Tom Matthews
Freelance Writer

Tom Matthews is a Milwaukee Magazine freelance writer.
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Waukesha-Native a Grammy Contender
Colin Douglas, a drummer and percussionist, is nominated in the Latin Jazz category.
Tom Matthews  | The Daily Mil  | Posted: 12/19/2013
Juke Box Hero
Jeff Castelaz sits among the music industry's top echelon as the president of Elektra Records in L.A. But the road to success for the one-time Milwaukee band manager has been riddled with setbacks and personal heartache. A survivor's tale.
Tom Matthews  | Feature Story  | Posted: 12/3/2013
Almost Famous
No Milwaukee musician can match Paul Cebar's combination of longevity and connections. Maybe someday, he'll match that combo with commercial success.
Tom Matthews  | Feature Story  | Posted: 8/19/2012
Me and the Mob
He was a Milwaukee Mafia henchman who became a famed Las Vegas reporter. Did that fame catch up with him?
Tom Matthews  | Feature Story  | Posted: 10/28/2011
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