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Terrence Falk
Community Blogger

Terry Falk was elected to the Milwaukee school board in 2007 representing Bay View and southeastern Milwaukee. He taught speech/English at Milwaukee’s Juneau High School, retiring in 2007. He coached Juneau to a state debate title in 1997. Terry has written off and on for Milwaukee Magazine and other publications since 1989. He has covered a wide range of topics: child labor law violations, digging of mammoths in Kenosha, tobacco in Wisconsin and gentrification of Brewers Hill, to name of few. He is married to Janet, and both of their children have given them one grandchild each so far.
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How Beneficial is Early Childhood Education?
Canada Tests Universal K4 and K5 Education
Terrence Falk  | Yellow Bus  | Posted: 7/25/2013
The Courage to Fail
And the Belief that One Can Succeed
Terrence Falk  | Yellow Bus  | Posted: 7/8/2013
Academic Success Requires Grit
Hard work is more important than native skill.
Terrence Falk  | Yellow Bus  | Posted: 6/27/2013
Here Comes Tuition Tax Deductions
Will Deductions Help the Poor or Just Increase Segregation?
Terrence Falk  | Yellow Bus  | Posted: 6/17/2013
Principal Musical Chairs
Milwaukee Changes Principals at a Breakneck Speed
Terrence Falk  | Yellow Bus  | Posted: 6/2/2013
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