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Mark Koenig
Bar Time Writer

Mark Koenig lives in Milwaukee with his girlfriend and their dog, Loxi. He enjoys new conversation, positive attitudes and drum solos. Mark graduated from UW-Eau Claire and from one of the best bars in Wisconsin, The Joynt. You may find him at various area dog parks or at a farmers market/local grocer searching for the perfect zucchini. He loves wandering through liquor store wine sections, wasting way too much time on YouTube and healing broken funny bones. Be well, drive safe. Cheers!

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Saloon on Calhoun with Bacon
Never before has a bar loved bacon so dearly.
Mark Koenig  | Bar Time  | Posted: 8/14/2012
The Hotch Spot
Lots of Sunday specials for the reimagined Hotch-A-Do
Mark Koenig  | Bar Time  | Posted: 7/25/2012
Beat the Heat at Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub
New Wauwatosa pub offers a respite from the summer temperatures
Mark Koenig  | Bar Time  | Posted: 7/6/2012
Angelo's Café Vino
Specials, variety, and even Mick Jagger
Mark Koenig  | Bar Time  | Posted: 5/23/2012
Beta by Sabor
Seeing what the specialty cocktail craze is all about.
Mark Koenig  | Bar Time  | Posted: 5/8/2012
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