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Erik Gunn
Contributing Editor

Milwaukee Magazine Contributing Editor Erik Gunn has written for the magazine since 1995. He started covering the media in 2006, writing the award-winning column Pressroom and now its online successor, Pressroom Buzz. Check back regularly for the latest news and commentary of the workings of the news business in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.
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Man at the Top
CEO-To-Be Tim Stautberg carefully parses his plans for the new Journal Media Group.
Erik Gunn  | Pressroom Buzz  | Posted: 8/19/2014
Paper Chase
The new debt-free newspaper company arising from the Journal/Scripps merger will still have a huge challenge ahead.
Erik Gunn  | Pressroom Buzz  | Posted: 8/4/2014
The Aftermath
The dust is still settling from the contentious 2011 battle over Act 10. And both sides are looking for ways to work together, despite lingering feelings of uncertainty and mistrust.
Erik Gunn  | Feature Story  | Posted: 7/28/2014
Wrong Target?
Journal Sentinel slaps Mary Burke for repeating its own error.
Erik Gunn  | Pressroom Buzz  | Posted: 4/18/2014
A Marriage Made in Madison
Merging with The Progressive, the Center for Media and Democracy burrows more deeply into the media world.
Erik Gunn  | Pressroom Buzz  | Posted: 4/3/2014
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