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Colleen Heather Rogan
Staff Blogger

Early on as a middle child of a large family, a nagging sense that I had too few things of the things I wanted strengthened my innate skills of observation and critique. Later, a fine arts education prompted me to explore my creative expression along while studying that of others. Soon, sorting out a career in Manhattan’s fashion and publishing worlds introduced me to the excitement, power and seduction of all manner of style and design, to say nothing of the tickle of seeing one’s name in print for the very first time. Eventually, a sudden and unexpected blip on the screen of life sent me  smack back to my hometown nest. Today, blending all manner of what I’ve managed to scoop up along the way, I yammer on about this or that in an effort to stir up some enthusiasm in support of local stores, shoppers and style. Once in while, I share a bit of myself with those who may or may not be listening. In the end all I can offer is that I’m a firm believer in the "art of chat."
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Mother of the Bride
Making it easy to shop for that ever-important dress.
Colleen Heather Rogan  | Shopaholic  | Posted: 5/25/2011
A Potpourri ...
Of shopping activities and adventures.
Colleen Heather Rogan  | Shopaholic  | Posted: 5/18/2011
Kids, Shopping and Sports
What’s not to love?
Colleen Heather Rogan  | Shopaholic  | Posted: 5/11/2011
Crazy for Cedarburg
Praise and presents for mom and shopping local.
Colleen Heather Rogan  | Shopaholic  | Posted: 5/5/2011
In Celebration Of...
Well-set tables, birthdays, dressing for success and quality denim.
Colleen Heather Rogan  | Shopaholic  | Posted: 4/27/2011
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