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August 2012

Best Burgers 

Lost in the current fascination with “super foods” is the supreme combo of bun and patty. It is all we can do to stop chewing and serve you these homegrown beauties.

Wheels of Fortune
Before David Hobbs put anyone in a Honda, he was racing cars worldwide. The Brit’s story has many twists and turns.

Idea Factory
Meet the crafty, resourceful, agile new generation of businesspeople. It’s what happens when the Web-savvy come of age during an economic downturn.

Not just Spreenkler’s president, Romke de Haan is a defibrillator for the city’s creative industry.

Early Adopters
Say hello to the Milwaukee startup scene

Whistleblower Blowback
The long, litigious battle between Racine's SC Johnson and a former employee alleging tax fraud.

Thanks for the Smog
Why does Door County have some of the state’s most polluted air?

Medicine Man
Before the supplement craze, there was Standard Process.

Reduce, Reuse, Re-art
A recycler finds an artful upside.

Ace of Shades
"Four eyes" is a compliment with these shades.

Cold-Hearted Savior
Induced hypothermia is helping put heart attack-related deaths on ice.

Off the Grid
Some of the city’s most historic homes are not listed on official registries.

The Ongoing Battle
Will the War Memorial be saved?

Rock Climbers
They may be quirky, but the local 20-somethings behind Sat. Nite Duets take their brand of indie rock seriously.

2012 Readers’ Choice Dining Awards
Point of View

A Dash of ’Stache
Talking 'staches with hirsute Milwaukee Brewers pitcher John Axford
Online and on newsstands July16
Online and on newsstands August 20

The Wunderkind Unscripted 

Common Pitch  

Burgers and Burgers and Burgers 

The 'Stache Shoot with John Axford 

The House that Whitnall Built

Rock Climbers and Indie Rockers
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