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Morning Links for Sept. 9, 2013
We did the heavy lifting for you.
A new week, another opportunity to absolutely loathe enjoy a late summer heat wave. But first, read the news.
  • Journos were in a tizzy yesterday with the announcement that Politico.com publisher Robert Allbritton has purchased Capital New York (capitalnewyork.com), and he intends to make it the "Politico of the Empire State."
  • If you were living under a rock yesterday afternoon, well, that's probably for the best. If you have since re-entered society, we regret to inform you the Packers lost yesterday.
  • In an interview with Charlie Rose, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad denied the use of chemical weapons on civilians and said if his country was attacked by U.S. forces, the latter should "expect everything."
  • Although it was announced late last week, it's worth remembering, writing down, or, perhaps, even printing out and attaching to your refrigerator: the entire lineup for the Milwaukee Film Fest has been released.

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