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Watch It
Your wrist has the potential to look really fly. Here's how.
Rose gold, diamonds, studded leather straps, mother of pearl chronograph faces, sleek white and even numberless – today’s wristwatches, though still practical, have navigated their way to wardrobe accessory staple. Change yours daily to match an outfit or wear it like a tattoo – a permanent statement of personal style. Like any worthwhile fashion necessity, the look (and price) options are limitless.

(from left to right)
  • Regent watch in rose gold by Citizen, $575 at Armbruster Jewelers
  • 1950s vintage watch in gold by Rolex, $3,500 at Paul’s Jewelers
  • Two-tone chronograph watch in silver and gold by Michael Kors, $250 at Macy’s.  
  • Watch in silver by Geneva, $17 at Bangles & Bags.
  • Bali stud wrap in cream, brown and snake print by La Mer, $116 at 5 Hearts.  
  • Lexington chronograph watch in rose gold by Michael Kors, $250 at Macy’s. 
  • Watch in silver and white by Narmi, $18 at Bangles & Bags. 
  • Gold watch by Geneva, $18 at Bangles & Bags
  • Vintage watch in sterling silver with marcasite gems by Bucherer, $750 at Paul’s Jewelers. 
  • Divvy watch in white granite by Nixon, $175 at Moda 3.

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