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What to Wear on Game Day
The Fashionista's suggestions for staying stylish on those Packers sidelines.

Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret.

Lets face it, it doesn't matter how cute you do your hair and makeup, once you put on that oversized jersey or frumpy sweater for a Packers game… all chic-ness is out the window. We are here to help. With great game day wear ideas, you'll be Lambeau-leaping for joy. And just in time, because the first game is only a few days away. 

1. Dress in PINK.

 Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret. 

If you haven't heard already, Victorias Secret came out with a Packers line by PINK. Cute sweatshirts and tee's that aren't boxy will keep you extra comfy and warm. Not to mention adorable. Check out the rest of the line here. 

And, of course, they also make Packers Panties. You shouldn't be surprised. 


Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret.

2. Dress in sparkles.

Photo courtesy of UGG. 

Whether it's a green or gold sequined top, or even the amazing UGG's above, showing your team spirit in sparkles is a splendid way to cheer them on.

3. Green, gold and chic.


Photo courtesy of Zara.

Are jerseys and sequins a little too much for your taste? Try a classic piece in green or gold. Put a yellow blazer over a deep green turtleneck. Or how about a  pair of deep green skinny jeans, a thick white turtleneck sweater and a gold scarf around your neck? I could go on forever; the possibilities are endless.

Here are a few more ideas: a green trench coat, deep amber gold skinny jeans tucked in boots. Sequined gold TOM's with green leggings and a white button down; gold bangles stacked up your arm. 

And don't forget to share your game day ideas in the comments below!


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