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Best of 2012
Our annual fest of the best. It'a a page-turner that highlights shopping, dining, beauty, kids, politics and fun. Not necessarily at the same time.
From a bike ride sans pants to the most indulgent pork belly incarnation, we’re back with the best Milwaukee has to offer. We’ve delivered our annual “Best Of” picks with gusto since 1982, and our 31st time shouldn’t be any different. Well, maybe a little different. Because it’s the exceptions that elevate our latest effort to a new level. For instance, we couldn’t agree who baked the best cupcake, so we let you decide (and nearly 300 of you did). Voting was close and there were crumbs aplenty, but you didn’t let us down. Also, throughout this story of superlatives, take special notice of the augmented reality icons. Then use your mobile device and the Actable app to enhance your experience. So what makes these shops, artists, bands, politicians, restaurants and everything else worthy? Their refreshingly new, exciting and sometimes hilarious (see: Best Coffee Shop Name) spin on service to the city. No plain Janes here.

Edited By Claire Hanan 
With Anne Baesemann, Liam Callanan, Abby L. Callard, Ann Christenson, Cristina Daglas, Lynsey Hart, Matt Hrodey, Jenna Kashou, Kathryn Lavey, Tyler Maas, Howie Magner, Samy Moskol, Dan Murphy, Emily Pettinger, Krista Schmidt & Maria Tsikalas.

Healthy Snack
Homemade Flour Tortilla
S’mores-making kit
Scotch Egg
Sandwich on-the-Go
Pork Belly Incarnation
Over-the-Top Mac and Cheese
Mobile Juice Bar
Greenest Food Courier
Coffee Shop Name
Cheery Storefront 
Fun & Nightlife
Upstart Brewer
Old-School Social Club
Scotch Happy Hour
Paint N’ Drink
New Bar
House Music Haven
East Coast Addition to the Bar Scene
Cure for the Mondays
Freedom Riders
Scenic Drinking Spot 
City & Politics
Casting Call
Smooth-Talking Prosecutor
Temporary Save of a City Landmark
PR Backfire
Political Backstab
Nice-Guy Reaction
Neighborhood Facelift
Media Fight
Heat Wave
Fake Holiday
Grand Re(Opening)
Physical Theater Troupe
New Custom Artist
Local Album of the Year
Breakout Band
Hidden Collection
Female Theater Group
Band Name
Billboard Advertising Campaign

Beauty & Self
Place to Get Poked
Nails on the Fly
Local Eyelash Extensions
Couples Massage
Pole Dance 
Wedding Accessory
Upscale Upholstery
Personalization Station
One-Stop Shop
Stunner Shades
Interior Design Transplant
New Yoga Pose
Denim Mobile
New Bookmonger
Kids Cooking Class
Social Climbing
County Park Slide
Best of 2011
From barbershops and birthing centers, meatballs and mussels, Brewers t-shirts and Brewers bars, froyo and food trucks. And much, much more! 

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