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Morning Links for Sept. 4, 2013
Serving up everything from double-deckers to Dolan on Colbert.

If Cardinal Timothy Dolan or comedian Stephen Colbert were wondering how to win a trip to Milwaukee, they can read these morning links.

  • Double-decker sandwiches? Sure. Double-decker buses? Maybe. Double-decker freeways. That’s where Milwaukeeans seem to draw the line. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has more on the reaction to a proposal that would overhaul part of the local freeway system.
  • Sure, having all those motorcycles in town was fun, but did anyone make money? Apparently, yes. The Business Journal reports that Milwaukee Harley-Davidson dealers say sales were up when compared to previous anniversaries. So maybe the Kid Rock thing worked out after all.
  • Perhaps it’s been a lost season for the Milwaukee Brewers, but it’s been a special one for the Pittsburgh Pirates. With their win in Milwaukee Tuesday night, the Pirates guaranteed their first non-losing season in two decades. Read more about it at Brewers.com.
  • If you’re curious how Milwaukee is being marketed elsewhere, here’s a taste from Rockford, Ill., TV station WTVO, where they’re partnering with Visit Milwaukee to award some lucky viewer the “Ultimate Getaway Package.”
  • And finally, it seems Stephen Colbert spent his vacation finding religion. Or at least booking Cardinal Timothy Dolan. The former Milwaukee archbishop was a guest on Colbert’s show Tuesday night. WTMJ-620’s website has the video.

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