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Cassette Review: Faux Fir - Failure Prose
Milwaukee synth-poppers to release tape at Pabst Theater Friday

We’ve done more than our duty to inform readers of Friday’s album release show for The Fatty Acids at Pabst Theater. But it’s worth noting the show will play host to another great Milwaukee indie rock act celebrating a new release, as Faux Fir will issue cassette single Failure Prose.

The Pabst show lineup—which also includes opener Sat. Nite Duets—is a well-thought gesture that recreates a MIAD café show that was the first Faux Fir full band outing, one of The Fatty Acids’ first public appearances and also featured Sat. Nite predecessor Two Kids Get New Books. The slingers of singalongable synth-pop originally set out to have the evening be a duel full-length record release concert. However, vinyl-pressing setbacks forced Faux Fir to push its proper record release to October. Instead, Faux Fir opted to put out a tape with songs from the upcoming record and remixes of album cuts to be.

“Failure Prose” is an arena-ready side A opener that beams with '80s-esque keyboard effects and the unfathomably high vocals of Ryan Rupprecht to which fans of Faux Fir and Rupees have come to respect. The catchy “Astrochondria” chases to powerhouse title track. While not matching the affable intensity of its predecessor, it keeps toes tapping by way of driving snare thuds and infectious organ that eventually give way an atmospheric song-ending interlude—no doubt the work of producer Ryan Weber (Eric & Magill).

Side B serves to tease the forthcoming full-length with remixes of yet-unreleased Faux Fir songs “Nu-Age” and “Pizza Hut” by Milwaukee’s Sam Bardins (aka Bardeenz) and Babes Mud House. Of the pair, “Nu-Age” takes the cake with a functional dismantling of Faux Fir’s bustling, effect-heavy sound into a breezy ballad that features xylophone and toy squeaks. Time will only tell exactly how much Bardeenz’s mix differs from the album version. This version of “Pizza Hut” sounds like a filler song on a La Bouche album, so hopefully the original shines a bit brighter.

It’s unfortunate Faux Fir’s biggest show to date couldn’t be its album release show too. But if the band’s anthemic five-song (well, four songs and a musical tracklisting intro) cassette is any indication, it’ll be worth waiting until next month to hear more.

Faux Fir will release Failure Prose at Pabst Theater on Friday, September 6 in a show also featuring The Fatty Acids and Sat. Nite Duets. The cassette will also be available for purchase at Faux Fir’s Bandcamp page.

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