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Album Review: The Fatty Acids - Boléro
The long-awaited album does not disappoint.

The buildup to the release of The Fatty Acid’s Boléro has been truly incredible ­– a slick video announced the album and this Friday’s release show back in July. Since then, local media has been aflutter with speculation and reviews of the single and music video. Here at Music Notes, we’ve whole-heartedly jumped on that bandwagon. And with good reason: The Fatty Acids are making some of the best music in Milwaukee.

And let me be the first to say that it doesn’t disappoint.

The album opens with “Girls and Gods,” which slows down considerably in the middle but the upbeat progress is kept up by the drummer in what reminds me of The Dodos. And at the point where you think you’ve figured out the song, it changes. It’s a perfect open for an eclectic album.

The thing that strikes me every time I listen to the Fatty Acids is the rise and fall present within each song. The haunting vocals of “Sportskin” to the beyond-catchy guitar riffs of “Worst Part” to the lyrical repetition in “Hugs Your Bones,” each song feels like a complete production, and that raises the level of the album to even higher heights.

Boléro is an album that demands your full attention, but the reward is well worth it. The interludes dispersed throughout the album function as musical palette cleansers, if you will – and a chance to catch your breath. The album is a frenetic jaunt of just eight songs (and two interludes) that races through 40 minutes.

The anticipation was high and the stakes higher, but Boléro does not disappoint. Something tells me the album release show on Friday won’t disappoint either.

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