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Best of 2013
Thirty-plus years of ferreting out Best Ofs has honed our mad skills. Pick a category – politics, the arts, food and drink, and much more – and discover the city you thought you knew.

Our latest “Best Of” Milwaukee endeavor marks more than 30 years of passing out kudos to the folks who keep the Milwaukee wheels a-spinning. And as in years past, this compendium includes nods to the best of the arts community, the food scene and the elected officials who give us no shortage of things to write about. But unlike previous “Best Of” articles, this year’s roundup includes a lot of beer, clothing and trampolines. Why? Because interest in beer never seems to dwindle here in Brew City, locally made clothes have developed a new cachet and, as for the trampolines, well, you’ll just have to read on to find out.

Fun & Nightlife
Best Historic Revamp
Best Bike Fitting
Best Beer Takeout Spot
Best Staycation
Best Jive
Best Coasters
Best Bar For Those Who Can't Commit
Best Way to Get Greasy
Best New Brew
Best Beer in the 'Burbs
Best Fall Beer
Best Institutional Reaction
Best Album of the Year
Best Year for Public Art
Best Local Music Ambassadors
Best Indie-Gospel Crossover
Best Band About to Break Out
Best New Art House
Best All-Vinyl Record Store
Best Third Ward Addition
Self & Beauty
Best Retouching
Best Bra Fitting
Best Football Smile
Best Blowout
Best Places to Sweat
City & Politics
Best South Side Cheerleader
Best Bathroom
Best Skeleton in Wisconsin's Closet
Best Thinly Veiled Narcissm
Best Political Pleats
Best Political Flop
Best Exploitative Press Release
Best Rebound
Best Local App
Best Marketing Miss

Fashion & Retail
Best Self-Appointed Neighborhood
Best In Show
Best Local Pinterest
Best New Boutique
Best Decor for Impulsive People
Best T-Shirt
Best Competitors
Best Use of Kale
Best Spice House
Best Cast-Iron Pride
Best Resto Hoodie
Best Momster
Best Pancakes the Size of Your Head
Best Cupcake on the Go
Best Sushi Experiment
Best Weeknight Diversion
Best Pizza
Kids & Family
Best Girl Scout Yoga
Best Case of the Spins
Best Chewtoy
Best Swingers' Spot
Best Natural High
Best Mini Monsters
Our annual fest of the best. It'a a page-turner that highlights shopping, dining, beauty, kids, politics and fun. Not necessarily at the same time. 

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