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Q&A with Molly Rasmussen
Heart of a Blonde style blogger dishes up some expert sartorial advice.
Molly Rasmussen appeared on my radar via Twitter. She tweeted at me one day probably more than a year ago, so I took a spin around her blog. It didn't take long for me to love it. Her blog, Heart of a Blonde, showcases her style, which I like to think of as California prep. It's ladylike with a touch of bohemian, and her clothes game is doing Milwaukee proud.

Claire Hanan: When did you start your blog and, when you started it, how did you anticipate it would be received?

Molly Rasmussen: I started my blog in November of 2010 (first as a Tumblr, then switching over to Blogger six months later). I didn't tell anyone for months! I was way too nervous that everyone would tease me for putting myself out there, or that I would be looked at as overly girly for talking about style and clothing. 

CH: Describe your style in one sentence.

MR: My style is very classic, urban and sometimes feminine, but most of all it's always simple.

CH: What are your favorite boutiques in Milwaukee?

MR: I enjoy shopping around at Shoo, Lizzibeth and Luci, if I need a good dress. I also recently checked out Third Coast Style, which I think is a great concept for our city.

CH: What are your favorite national brands?

MR: When it comes to retailers, I love J.Crew, Gap, H&M and Zara. In the designer world, I always have my eye on Alice + Olivia, Tibi and Joie.

CH: All great choices. But what the heck should we wear for fall? 

MR: When the weather gets cooler, it's easy to fall into the trap of wearing the same old sweater, leggings and boots combo. These can be great starting pieces, but you should branch out with different accessories. Try adding a baseball hat. Experiment with different bold lip colors (lipstick is totally an accessory in my book). Choose a shorter boot to wear with cuffed denim. Experiment with layers in your closet. If you want to try a trend or two, I'm loving embellished shirts, flowing sweaters, or literally anything with faux leather.

CH: I’m so over peplums. What do you think?

MR: I'm really over anything that has made its two year stretch in the "trend" category. I think trends can be fun to try on the cheap, but I never invest in anything that is a trend today and a faux pas in two years. At this point in the peplum trend cycle, most of the options on the market are cheaply made, which means the fit won't be ideal for most figures... and wasn't the great fit of peplum its appeal in the first place? Bottom line: only wear trends that flatter your body and not just for the sake of wearing a trend.

CH: Tell us one styling trick you use when you’re taking photos for the blog.

MR: Heels and lipstick improve photos tremendously. As a style blogger, you really get to know what looks good on your figure and what doesn't. Although I try to keep my style photos as real as possible, (e.g. not posed at all) I'll throw on heels or a swipe of lipstick now and then when I take pictures because both elements really do make the rest of the outfit look better.

CH: What do you think of Milwaukee’s fashion scene? How do you think it could be improved?

MR: When I walk around downtown, I always see people with incredible style. That being said, I think the Milwaukee fashion scene has a long way to go. In other cities, you're seeing a lot of fluidity among local designers, boutiques, and style bloggers. I think Milwaukee has yet to come full circle in that regard. I believe there could be some incredible collaborations in the future if the city is able to come together. It will take baby steps, but we'll get there.

Check out a few more of Molly's favorite outfits below and, of course, keep up with her on Heart of a Blonde. 


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